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Shropshire Students to Study Chinese Fashions
Thursday 25 January 2018

 Students at Shrewsbury College will turn their attention from the latest styles in jeans and trainers when an expert in Chinese Imperial Costumes and Textiles comes to town. David Rosier, who will be spending a day at the College, will bring part of his extensive collection of Qing dynasty (1644-1911) Imperial textiles and costume accessories with him, including a luxurious Dragon Robe.


David, a Chartered Insurer by profession, lived and worked in Asia for over 25 years and assembled an impressive collection of around 700 items. He has been invited to speak at Shrewsbury College by The Arts Society Shrewsbury who is sponsoring the event.


 Students will have the opportunity to examine the artefacts and learn about ultimate power dressing at the Emperor’s Court and by civil and military officials. A focus will be on the Ladies of the Court with a review of the robes and jewellery they wore and the notorious bound feet shoes.


David will be speaking the previous day to members of The Arts Society Shrewsbury at their Day of Special Interest on the subject of The Emperor Qianlong, one of China’s greatest Emperors and a collector of Fine Art.


Jane Benson, committee member and organiser of the two-day visit, said: “We are delighted that David is making a return trip to Shrewsbury to speak to our group and are so pleased that local students will have the opportunity to learn something of the  history of Chinese fashion and culture.”